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Smaller & Taller Eucalypts for Planting in Australia

Their Selection, Cultivation and Management

Dean Nicolle

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Smaller Eucalypts for Planting in Australia

Taller Eucalypts for Planting in Australia
Together, these two books treat 164 eucalypts suited for growing in Australia. Many of these species are already commonly grown and seen in gardens, streets, parks and farms throughout Australia, while others are rarely planted but have vast potential for much wider use, both in the urban landscape and in rural areas.

For each of the species included in the books, a double-page provides the following information:
  • Height graph indicating its usual and maximum height
  • Images of cultivated plants with an estimation of their age
  • Images of the bark, foliage, buds, flowers and fruits
  • Map of Australia indicating its natural and planted distribution
  • Why plant me? overview
  • Meaning and origin of the name
  • Features of the species, including flowering times
  • Natural distribution and habitat
  • Cultivation and uses
  • Management
  • Similar species
  • A table indicating environmental preferences and tolerances
Researched, designed and written for anyone interested in the identification, selection, growing, management, and appreciation of eucalypts in gardens, streets, parks, and on farms.

222 pages; over 700 colour illustrations (each book)

Sample pages from the books. Click to enlarge!
Introduction sample page Introduction sample page Smaller Eucalypts for Planting - Eucalyptus dolichorhyncha Smaller Eucalypts for Planting - Eucalyptus minniritchi Smaller Eucalypts for Planting - Corymbia calophylla.html Smaller Eucalypts for Planting - Eucalyptus regnans

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