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Smaller & Taller Eucalypts for Planting in Australia

Dean Nicolle

Species included (common names)

Primary species treatments in each book are bold.
Similar species that are briefly described in each book are also listed.
Many species have multiple common names (hence the long lists!)
Smaller Eucalypts for Planting in Australia Taller Eucalypts for Planting in Australia
Smaller Eucalypts for Planting in Australia Book Arkaroola mallee
‘Augusta Wonder’
‘Baby Blue’
Badgingarra mallee
Bald Island marlock
Balladonia gimlet
Barren Mountain mallee
bastard gimlet
Beard’s mallee
Bega mallee ash
bell (-fruited) mallee
black mallee
black marlock
black sally/sallee
blue bush
blue gimlet
blue-grey eucalypt
blue-leaved mallee
blue mallee
Blue Mountains mallee ash
blue weeping gum
bog gum
Bookara gum
bookleaf mallee
Brisbane mallee
bristle-leaved bloodwood
broad-leaved scribbly gum
Broken Hill mallee
bronze and silver gimlet
broombush mallee
brown stringybark
Burdett’s mallee
Burracoppin mallee
bush rose
bushy yate
Buxton (silver) gum
Cape York red gum
Christmas tree
cider gum
cliff mallee ash
     leaved mallee
coastal (white) mallee
coastal moort
coast ironbark
Coffin Bay mallee
Coolgardie gum/rose
Corackerup marlock
coral (-flowered) gum
crimson mallee (box)
crowned mallee
cup gum
curly mallee
dainty mallee
Die Hardy mallee
Dowerin rose
Drummond’s gum/mallee
Dunlop’s bloodwood
Durikai mallee
dwarf apple/apple-myrtle
dwarf mottlecah
dwarf silver gum
dwarf snow gum
eastern goldfields horned
eastern tallerack
Ettrema mallee
Ewart’s mallee
false gimlet
Faulconbridge mallee ash
feather gum/mallee
Field Road mallee
fiery gum
fine foliage mallee
fine-leaved mallee
Finke River mallee
flanged mallee
flat root
flowering gum
flowering marlock
fluted-horn mallee
Forman’s gum/mallee
four-winged mallee
four-winged mallet
fuchsia gum/marlock
Giles’ mallee
Gippsland mallee
glazed mallee
glistening mallee
goldfields red-flowering gum
gooseberry mallee
Grampians gum/stringybark
granite rock box
green mallee
green mallee ash
Halls Creek white gum
Hamelin Bay mallee
heart-leaved mallee
heart-leaved silver gum
Holleton mallee
‘Honey Pots’
hook-leaved mallee
‘Hot Threads’
Hyden blue gum
Jerdacuttup mallee
Jimberlana mallee
Jingymia mallee
jubilee gum
Kalumburu gum
Kamarooka mallee
Kangaroo Island (narrow-
     leaved) mallee
Kimberley gum
Kingsmill’s mallee
Kruse’s mallee
Lake King mallee
Lake King mallet
large-fruited gimlet
large-fruited mallee
Leichhardt’s rusty-jacket
lemon-flowered gum
Lindsay gum
little ghost gum
little sally/sallee
‘Little Specky’
‘Little Star’
lobe-fruited mallee
Lockyer’s gum
long-flowered marlock/yate
long-leaved marlock
Madura mallee ash
mallee red gum
mallee rose
mallee snow gum
Manypeaks mallee
mealy gum
mega marlock
Mongarlowe mallee
Mooning Ground sally
Moon Lagoon mallee
Mount Abrupt stringybark
Mount Buffalo sally/sallee
Mount Day mallee
Mount Gillen mallee
Mount Lindsay gum/mallee
Mount Madden mallee
Mount Wheeler mallee
narrow-leaved granite mallee
narrow-leaved mallee
narrow-leaved mallee ash
narrow-leaved mountain mallee
narrow-leaved red mallee
narrow-leaved sally/sallee
narrow-leaved stringybark
Natta Road mallee
Newbey’s mallet
Newdegate mallet
nodding mallee
nodding mallet
northern ranges box
northern sandplains mallee
northern white gum
northern woollybutt
North Twin Peak Island mallee
‘Nullarbor Lime’
‘Nullarbor Rose’
octopus mallee
Oenpelli bloodwood
Oldfield’s mallee
olive-leaved mallee
Omeo gum
Ooldea mallee
Paynes Find mallee
pear-fruited mallee
pear gum
pendant mallee
peppermint box
Phillips River mallee
pimpin mallee
pink-flowered gum
pink gum
platypus gum
Plunkett mallee
pointed bud mallee
Port Jackson mallee ash
Port Lincoln gum/mallee
powderbark coolabah
powdered gum
pretty yate
privet-leaved stringybark
pumpkin gum
purple-flowered mallee (box)
purple-leaved mallee
‘Purple Patch’
Quaggi Beach mallee
Queensland peppermint
Quoin Head marlock
red bloodwood
red-branched coolabah
red-budded/red bud mallee
red-capped gum
red-capped mallee
red-flowered mallee
red-flowered mallee box
red-flowered moort
red-flowering gum
red helmet
red mallee
red stringybark
ridge-fruited mallee
Risdon peppermint
river yate
rosebud mallee
rose mallee
rose of the west
rough-leaved bloodwood
round-leaved gum
round-leaved mallee
round-leaved moort
salmonbark wandoo
saltlake mallee
Salt River gum/mallet
sand mallee
Sargent’s mallet
scarlet-flowering gum
scarlet gum
scarlet pear gum
scribbly gum
scrub apple/apple-myrtle
secret mallee
Seppelt Range yellowjacket
Serra Range stringybark
Shark Bay mallee
shiny-leaved mallee
Shirley’s (silver-leaved)
short-leaved mallee
silver box
silver gimlet
silver gum
silver-leaved box
silver-leaved mountain gum
silver mallee
silver marlock
silver mountain gum
silver peppermint
silver princess
silver-topped gimlet
skirt mallee
slender mallee
small-leaved mottlecah
smooth-barked coolabah
snappy gum
snappy white gum
soap mallee
South Australian coastal mallee
South Australian cup gum
Southern Cross (silver)
spearwood mallee
spider gum
spinning gum
spring bloodwood
spring mallee
square-fruited mallee
Steedman’s gum/mallet
Stirling Range mallee
Stirling Range yate
Stoate gum/Stoate’s moort
stony mallee
Suggan Buggan mallee
‘Summer Beauty/Red’
summer red mallee
‘Summer Scentsation’
swamp bloodwood
Sydney scribbly gum
tall sand mallet
thicket moort
thick-leaved mallee
Tingiringi gum
Tookle-Jenna mallet
Torwood gum
‘Tucker Time’
twin-leaved bloodwood
two-winged gimlet
‘Urrbrae Gem’
varnished gum
Victorian silver gum
Webster’s mallee
weeping box
weeping gum
weeping mallee
Western Australian
     red-flowering gum
western coolabah
western silver gum
whipstick mallee
white-barked mallee
white gum
white-leaved mallee
white-leaved marlock
white mallee
white marlock
white stringybark
Wimmera mallee box
windbreak mallee
wing-fruited mallee
‘Winter Light’
Woila gum
Wolgan snow gum
Woodward’s gum
Wylie Scarp mallee
Wyola mallee
Yeelanna mallee
yellow-barked mallee
yellow-flowered mallee
yellow pea gum
yellow-top ash/mallee ash
yellow-topped mallee ash
Taller Eucalypts for Planting in Australia Book Adaminaby snow gum
alpine ash
apple box
apple gum
apple-topped box
apple tree
Argyle apple
Australian oak
Australian tallowwood
Barakula yellowjacket
bastard coolabah
Baw Baw snow gum
beautiful leaf eucalypt
big-horned eucalypt
bimbil box
black box
blackbutt york gum
black gum
black ironbark
black peppermint
black-stemmed mallee
black yate
Blakely’s red gum
blood-leaf gum
blue box
blue gum
blue-leaved ironbark
blue-leaved mallet
blue-leaved sallee
blue mallet
Blue Mountains ash
breakaway mallet
brittle gum
broad-leaved apple
broad-leaved ironbark
broad-leaved peppermint
broad-leaved red ironbark
Brockway’s gum
Brooker’s gum
brown apple tree
brown barrel
brown mallet
Burdett’s mallee
Burncluith gum
Burngup mallee
bushy blue gum
bushy sugar gum
cabbage ash
cabbage gum
Caley’s ironbark
Camden white gum
Camden woollybutt
carbeen (bloodwood)
Carne’s blackbutt
Central Australian ghost gum
Chinchilla white gum
Clarkson’s bloodwood
Cleland’s blackbutt
coast ironbark
common peppermint
creek gum
Darling Range ghost gum
dead finish
desert bloodwood
desert blue gum
desert gum
desert mallee
drooping ironbark
drooping white gum
‘Dry White’
Dundas blackbutt
Dundas mahogany
Dunn’s white gum
dwarf blue gum
dwarf mahogany gum
dwarf sugar gum
dwarf yellow bloodwood
‘Edna Walling’
Errinundra shining gum
‘Euky Dwarf’
Eyre Peninsula blue gum
Falls Creek snow gum
false mahogany
flat-topped yate
Flockton’s mallee
flooded box
flooded gum
fluted gum
fluted-horn mallee
forest gum
forest red gum
Gardner’s mallet
ghost gum
giant gum
giant white gum
gimlet (gum)
Gippsland grey box
Gippsland mahogany
Gippsland manna gum
Gippsland swamp box
goldfields blackbutt
goldfields yellow-flowering
granite rock yate
green box
grey box
grey gum
grey ironbark
grey iron-gum
gum-barked coolabah
gum coolabah
gum myrtle
gum-topped box
Gympie messmate
Hillgrove gum
hills salmon gum
honey box
honey-scented eucalypt
inland ghost gum
inland grey box
inland red box
inland scribbly gum
Jounama snow gum
Kalbarri mallee
khaki gum
Kimberley white gum
Kondinin blackbutt
Lake Grace mallee
large-flowered swamp gum
large-flowered swamp mallee
large-fruited red mahogany
large-fruited South Australian
     blue gum
large-fruited yellow gum
large-fruited yellowjacket
lemon-scented gum
lemon-scented ironbark
Le Souef’s blackbutt
little honey peppermint gum
‘Little Snowman’
‘Little Spotty’
long-leaved box
Maiden’s gum
mallee box
manna gum
marble gum
Marrawah gum
mealy stringybark
melaleuca gum
messmate stringybark
Moreton Bay ash
mottled gum
mountain ash
mountain blue gum
mountain coolabah
mountain grey gum
mountain spotted gum
mountain swamp gum
mountain white gum
mountain yapunyah
Mount William snow gum
mugga (ironbark)
Murray box
Murray red gum
narrow-leaved black
narrow-leaved blue mallet
narrow-leaved box
narrow-leaved gimlet
narrow-leaved grey box
narrow-leaved ironbark
narrow-leaved peppermint
narrow-leaved red ironbark
Newbey’s mallet
Newdegate mallee
Nichol’s willow-leaved
Norseman mallet
northern blue gum
northern salmon gum
northern spotted gum
northern woollybutt
oil mallee
Omeo gum
pale bloodwood
paperbark gum
Parker Range mallet
pink bloodwood
pink-flowered blue gum
pink-flowering ironbark
Pokolbin mallee
poplar box
poplar gum
Port Gregory gum
powderbark wandoo
Queensland blue gum
Queensland messmate
Queensland (western) white
red-barked apple tree
red bloodwood
red box
red gum
red ironbark
red iron gum
red mahogany
red-spotted gum
red stringybark
red-throated bloodwood
Reid River box
ribbon gum
river (black) box
river gum
river peppermint
river red gum
river white gum
Robertson’s peppermint
rose gum
rough-barked angophora/apple
rough-barked manna gum
round-leaved gum
rusty gum
salmon gum
salt gum
scribbly gum
scrubby blue gum
scrub gum
shining gum
silver dollar gum
silver dollar tree
silver-leaf candlebark
silver-leaved ironbark
Silverton gum
slaty box
slaty gum
small-fruited grey gum
small-fruited gum
small-leaved apple
small-leaved peppermint
smooth-barked angophora/apple/
     apple gum/apple-myrtle
smooth-barked coolabah
smooth-barked york gum
snappy gum
snow gum
South Australian blue gum
southern blue gum
southern gum
southern mahogany
spotted blue gum
spotted (iron) gum
stocking gum/tree
Strickland’s blackbutt/gum
stringy gum
sugar gum
swamp apple
swamp box
swamp gimlet
swamp gum
swamp mahogany
swamp mallee
swamp mallet
swamp messmate/stringybark
swamp/swampy yate
Sydney blue gum
Sydney red gum
Tasmanian blue gum
Tasmanian oak
Tasmanian snow gum
Thozet’s box/ironbark
Timor white gum
Torelli’s bloodwood
tropical coolabah
tuart (gum)
twin-leaved mallee
urn-fruited mallet
‘Urrbrae Gem’
Victorian ash
Victorian blue gum
Wallangarra white gum
warted/warty yate
water gum
wattle-leaved peppermint
weeping ghost gum
weeping gum
weeping snow gum
western grey box
western red box
western scribbly gum
western white gum
wheatbelt wandoo
white box
white brittle gum
white gum
white ironbark
white mahogany
white peppermint
white sallee
willow gum
willow-leaved/willow peppermint
yellow bloodwood
yellow box
yellow-flowered blackbutt
yellow gum
yellow ironbark
yellow messmate
York gum

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