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Currency Creek Arboretum

Eucalypt Research. Vol. 2
Dean Nicolle
80 pages - black & white information book about CCA

This book is Volume 2 and was published September 2003. It has been produced because of widespread interest in Currency Creek Arboretum. It is intended to be of use to researchers working with eucalypts, especially those using material from CCA; and also for the many other people interested in CCA and eucalypts in general.

The main part of the book is the listing of collections at CCA, which includes details of species/subspecies/variety, provenance/collection information, voucher number, year planted, year first flowered, current health and CCA location of all vouchered collections of the genera Angophora, Corymbia and Eucalyptus at CCA. Volume 2 includes details of 911 recognised terminal eucalypt taxa from 1428 different collections.

Other sections of the book include recent and current research being undertaken in conjunction with CCA, statistics and characteristics of CCA and lists showing quickest growing, best performed and earliest flowering taxa at CCA.

It is intended that new volumes will be published when required.

Out of print - New edition coming soon

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