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Eucalypts of Western Australia — The South-west Coast and Ranges

Malcolm French & Dean Nicolle

This title is currently out of print - 2nd edition expected in 2024.
Eucalypts of Western Australia - The South-West Coast and Ranges Book Every eucalypt species occurring along the south-west coast and ranges of Western Australia is comprehensively described (147 species and subspecies in total). The region covered by the book extends from Dongara on the west coast to Ravensthorpe on the south coast, and includes Perth and the Swan Coastal Plain, the famously-biodiverse Stirling Range, Lesueur and Fitzgerald River national parks, and the mighty karri, jarrah, marri and tingle forests in the Albany, Walpole, Pemberton and Margaret River areas.

All will appreciate the assistance this book will deliver in providing a wealth of information regarding the identification, distribution and ecology of each eucalypt included. For each of the 147 eucalypts, a double-page provides the following information:
  • Images of the whole plant, bark, flowers and fruits
  • Seedling painting by Ian Roberts
  • Detailed distribution map for the south-west of WA
  • Meaning and origin of the name
  • Original naming and type information
  • Characteristic features
  • Distribution and habitat
  • Notes on how to identify the species, interesting populations and outstanding individual trees
  • Detailed botanical description
Additionally, a quick reference guide to the flowering times of all 147 eucalypts has been included, which will be useful to apiarists, entomologists, bird enthusiasts, and all growers of native plants. Designed and written for those with no botanical training, but also catering for the professional, this book will be valuable for all those interested in appreciating, identifying and growing the unique eucalypts of Western Australia’s south-west coast and ranges.

334 pages; over 1200 colour illustrations

Sample pages from the book. Click to enlarge!
Introduction sample page Corymbia ficifolia sample page Eucalyptus tetraptera sample page Eucalyptus diversicolor sample page

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