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Eucalypts of Victoria and Tasmania
Dean Nicolle

Front cover     spread

Over 300 pages - more than 600 full colour illustrations

Eucalypts dominate almost all natural landscapes in south-eastern Australia, from the tallest hardwood forests in the world, extensive pastoral woodlands, mallee shrublands and the alpine scrubs forming Australia’s mountainous tree-lines.

Victoria and Tasmania have 141 eucalypts, including 56 that occur naturally nowhere else in the world. Their dominance and sheer diversity have made eucalypts Australias premier species and their worldwide economic importance is believed to be greater than for any other Australian species.

This book has been designed and written for anyone interested in appreciating, identifying and growing Australian native trees — not just for botanists. It is a valuable companion for all naturalists, gardeners, farmers, botanists, foresters, students, bushwalkers and tree growers — particularly throughout south-eastern Australia.

It features:
  • Over 600 colour photographs, covering all species, their distinguishing features in their natural habitat, taxonomic and classification details, the meaning of species names plus images of the bark, buds, flowers and fruits
  • Accurate maps illustrating their natural distribution
  • Cultivation requirements and uses
  • Many useful notes and interesting facts for most species.
Currently out of print.

Revised edition in preparation.

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