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Native Eucalypts of South Australia

Dean Nicolle

Native Eucalypts of South Australia Book
Updates regarding the taxonomy and distribution of species in the book, as well as other new discoveries relating to native eucalypts of South Australia, will be periodically published here.


Formalised regional conservation status for eucalypts in the Adelaide/Mt Lofty Ranges and Kangaroo Island regions of South Australia

p. 44, Eucalyptus camaldulensis subsp. camaldulensis

Under Authority, new Type: Currency Creek crossing on Strathalbyn to Goolwa road, S.A., 14 Feb 2008, D.Nicolle 5156 (epi: CANB; isoepi: AD, ATH, BRI, DNA, HO, K, MEL, NSW, PERTH, W) fide Brooker & Orchard (2008).


p. 50, Notes: 'E. pilbaraensis' should read 'E. pilbarensis'

p. 232, Index: 'pilbaraensis' should read 'pilbarensis'

p. 156, Authority: 'holo: FL' should read 'holo: FI'

Updated on 4 March 2014.

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