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Big and Famous Trees gallery
This gallery illustrates a selection of large, tall, old or otherwise well-known trees from around the world, but with emphasis on trees from Australia and particularly South Australia.

Many of these trees were measured by Dean Nicolle over the last few years as a volunteer for the National Register of Big Trees, where the details and further photographs of many of these trees can be found.

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Bicentennial Tree Eucalyptus diversicolor karri Big Karri Eucalyptus diversicolor Big Red Eucalyptus camaldulensis gum Big Tree Eucalyptus regnans Victoria Styx Bigger Tree Eucalyptus regnans Tasmania
Bilstons Tree Eucalyptus camaldulensis Bird Tree Eucalyptus pilularis blackbutt Cazneaux Tree Eucalyptus camaldulensis red gum Curtain Fig Ficus virens Atherton Diamond Tree Eucalyptus diversicolor karri
Dig Tree Eucalyptus coolabah Cooper Creek Dwyer Creek Tree Eucalyptus camaldulensis red gum El Abuelo Grandfather Eucalyptus globulus Spain Giant Gum Eucalyptus camaldulensis red Orroroo Gloucester Tree Eucalyptus diversicolor karri
Guildford Tree Eucalyptus camaldulensis red gum Jack Feeny Tree Eucalyptus microcorys tallowwood Karri Knight Eucalyptus diversicolor tallest tree Europe King Jarrah Eucalyptus marginata King Regnans Portugal Eucalyptus regnans
King Tree Eucalyptus camaldulensis red gum Wirrabara Lightning Tree Eucalyptus cloeziana messmate Gympie Monarch Glen Eucalyptus camaldulensis red gum Old Blotchy Eucalyptus maculata spotted gum Old Bottle Butt Eucalyptus gummifera bloodwood
Old Emu Foot Eucalyptus camaldulensis red gum Melrose Old Emu Foot Eucalyptus camaldulensis red gum Old Mulburry Tree Kingscote oldest South Australia Prison Tree Derby Adansonia boab Prison Tree King River Adansonia
The Grandis Eucalyptus tallest New South Wales Tibbs Tree Eucalyptus microcorys tallowwood Tree Knowledge Ficus virens Darwin Twin Kauris Agathis Queensland Woodford Tree Eucalyptus deanei
Araucaria bidwillii Bunya pine Portugal tallest Eucalyptus camaldulensis river red gum Watervale Eucalyptus dunnii Moleton Ficus macrophylla Moreton Bay fig Mclaren Vale Ficus obliqua fig
Melaleuca leucadendra Kimberley Norfolk Island pine Araucaria heterophylla Port Elliot Picea abies spruce Germany tallest tree red cedar Toona ciliata Sequoiadendron giganteum giant sequoia
Centurion Eucalyptus regnans Tasmania Troll Eucalyptus delegatensis Geeveston Tasmania Sir Vim White Knights Eucalyptus viminalis manna gum Tasmania Gregory Tree Adansonia gregorii boab Timber Creek Old Sheep Shit Eucalyptus camaldulensis
Eucalyptus dalrympleana Tasmanian white gum Ghost gum Eucalyptus aparrerinja Trephina Gorge Eucalyptus urnigera urn fruited gum Mt Field NP Rullah Longatyle Eucalyptus globulus Tasmanian blue gum Liquidambar styraciflua Stirling Mt Lofty

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